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There is no good way to fade the metal itself, but generally everyone will buy it with a transparent nail polish before buying it, or before the chain fades. This will take a little longer, but after a while Still have to apply again.
How does the chain bag judge whether it will fade?
According to the specific product categories, luggage hardware is divided into tie rods, small wheels, mushroom nails, rivets, nails, hollow nails, sliders, corns, D buckles, dog buckles, needles, belt buckles, chains, coils, locks. , magnetic buttons, various trademarks and decorative hardware. Various hardwares are d……
What hardware accessories are included in the luggage hardware?
The remedy for the oxidation of the bag hardware:1. Wipe with vinegar: If the hardware bag has rusted, we don't need to worry. Use a little vinegar and then wipe it on the toothbrush and wipe it off. But don't wash it all, just wipe it with wetness. Otherwise it will only be "more black".
What should I do if the hardware of the bag is oxidized?
1. If there are slight rust marks, wipe it with a silver cloth. (Reminder: wipe the silver cloth and use it again. Do not wash it. Because it is very simple to ……
How to maintain the hardware on the bag?
Generally, the zipper head, the buckle and the like are kept dry. If there is a slight rust, you can wipe it with a silver cloth. A small reminder, rub the silver cloth and use it again, don't wash it. It is useless to wash off the special coating on the outside. Zippers are often used, so it is really hard to rust. Go……
How to maintain LV hardware chain does not fade
The luggage hardware is simply a variety of small hardware used in bags and backpacks. Luggage hardware is not the final consumer product. It is used as an accessory product for industrial manufacturing, a semi-finished product, and a tool for the production process. Only a small number of daily hardware accessories (b……
What does the bag hardware mean?

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